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Third Party Only Car Insurance

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Third Party Only Car Insurance

If you are going to drive in the UK, then the law requires certain things of you. One of those things is that you must have car insurance to hit the roads. That doesn’t mean that every person has to have the same level of car insurance, though. There are minimum levels that you can get if you don’t feel like you need comprehensive car insurance. Many people turn to third party car insurance, as it is the minimum possible coverage that you can have while staying legal on the UK’s roadways. So what is this coverage all about?

Covering the things that happen to others

The idea behind third party insurance is that it covers any damage that might happen to another party. It covers the damage to a third party’s car, the repairs that they will need, and any sort of physical injury that happens to a third party. When talking about injuries, this can mean injuries to other drivers on the road or injuries to third parties who ride in your own vehicle. This insurance is necessary by law, but it doesn’t cover the damage that happens to your own vehicle if you get into an accident.

Is third party car insurance a cheaper option?

This type of coverage has always been suggested for people who are just starting out and people who drive very low-value vehicles. This is because you won’t lose much when you get into an accident with a low-value car. Many people have found over the years that they can save money by taking out this kind of policy instead of a fully comprehensive policy. Now, though, many drivers are finding that they get the cheapest car insurance quotes when they look for comprehensive coverage. The key is to compare the market with a car insurance supermarket site to see what you can find. Third party coverage might be cheaper, but it might not be depending upon your needs as a customer.

How much risk are you willing to take on?

The central question that must be considered when talking about third party car insurance is how much risk you are willing to take on with your insurance. If you drive a high-value car, then only having this type of car insurance is probably too much of a risk. After all, you would be out of luck if you got into an accident that was your fault. The savings that you would incur from not getting comprehensive coverage would easily be given back with even the slightest of accidents. This risk question is a personal one, so no one can answer it except you.

Likewise, if you live in a place that is especially dangerous, you might consider something above this third party coverage. It won’t help you out if your car is stolen and it won’t help with repairs if your car is vandalized. These things happen everyday, so be careful when choosing the right policy for you.

Price comparisons are key

Doing a car insurance comparison is important no matter what kind of coverage you want. When you compare the market, you will have the best chance of finding cheap car insurance. There are lots of different companies today with each one competing for your business. If you take a long, hard look at the market, you will find that some nice companies are out there and some nice deals exist. Whether you decide to go with third party coverage or you opt for something with a little more kick, you will benefit from visiting a site that provides cheap quotes.