Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

The standard car insurance policy term is twelve months, but there are some times when you might need a policy for a shorter period of time. Luckily for car owners in this situation, there are types of coverage that will suit short-term needs. Temporary cheap car insurance provides a bridge in those situations when you aren’t able to get a full policy or when you don’t need a full policy. Still, you can’t legally drive a car in the UK unless it is insured, so it pays to have some kind of car insurance coverage to take care of this time period.

When others use your vehicle

There may be some times when people will use your vehicle for a short period of time. Maybe you have people visiting or perhaps you are just doing a favor to a friend. In any scenario where someone might use your car, it pays to have a temporary car insurance policy to cover that other driver. The problem is really with the no claims discount that you’ve built up. If you have been a clean driver for a period of a few years, then chances are that you have built up a nice discount. You don’t want to lose it, as it provides hundreds in savings for you. If another driver wrecks your car, all that hard work goes down the drain.

Likewise, the flip side of this equation is also true and you may want a temporary car insurance policy when you are driving someone else’s car. It is a peace of mind issue and it is the kind of thing that car insurance policies were meant to provide.

When you first buy a vehicle

Think about the process of buying a car. There is a lot going on. From shopping and choosing the car, to negotiating the price, to all of the other things that go into car buying, you might not have time to think about insurance. You will want to get an insurance policy right away, but until you have the time to do that, you will need a short-term car insurance policy. Until you can compare the market, having a short-term policy to cover you makes a lot of sense. After all, it is illegal to even drive that new car home if you don’t have an insurance policy.

Setting the number of days

The nice thing about a temporary policy is that you have the power to set the number of days on your policy. If you only need insurance for one day, it can be much cheaper than if you needed insurance for an entire week. This is especially good for people who have exact plans. If you know that you are getting permanent insurance in two days, for instance, you can take out a relatively cheap policy in order to cover that period of time. With some insurance providers, you can extend the coverage by a few days at the end of the period if you need to. These are questions to ask before signing an agreement with any company.

Comparing the market

Even though temporary insurance carries a lower cost than permanent car insurance, you will still want to compare the market. Getting the cheapest car insurance quotes is all about doing a market comparison and seeing what is out there. Though fewer insurance providers specialize in temporary coverage, there are still enough competitors to make it worth your while. If you can spare a few minutes to compare car insurance and look over your options, then you might walk away with a more than solid result.