Provisional Licence

Provisional Licence

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Provisional Licence

When you’ve just got your provisional licence, you will run into some problems from a car insurance standpoint. The biggest problem, of course, is that it is very hard to find cheap car insurance coverage when you’re just a provisional driver. You will need to do everything in your power if you are going to get reasonable rates, so prepare for a bit of a process. Provisionally licenced drivers are in one of the most difficult positions of any class of drivers, so they must compare the market in order to get the lowest rates. Here are some things to understand if you’re looking for insurance with only a provisional licence.

Why is my insurance so costly?

As a person with this kind of licence, you might wonder why you are being gauged in this way. Why are insurance providers picking on you? Though you might not think it’s true, you probably represent a higher level of risk to the insurance company. Because you are a new driver, you have not yet established yourself as someone who is capable. Likewise, driving is a practice where people get better with age. The more experience you get, the better off you will be on the roadways. Because you don’t yet have that experience, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for insurance. That doesn’t mean that you should just settle for the highest of the car insurance quotes, though.

Options for the learning driver

If you are still in the provisional licence stage, then you must consider adding an older, more experienced person to your policy. If you are the named driver on a car insurance policy, then adding a more experienced driver can help to bring your rates down. This makes sense for a couple of different reasons. For one, you will need that person in the car with you as you drive anyway. The person must be 21 or older and they must have the requisite amount of driving experience. Because they will be in the car with you, it makes sense to add this person to your car insurance policy.

Getting on as a named driver on someone else’s car insurance
If you are just going to be driving the car of a family member while you’re learning, then you can get by with just being a named driver on their policy. Know that this will only work if you are driving their car occasionally. If you are the primary driver of the car, then it is illegal to just be a named driver on their policy. If you are driving your instructor’s car only, then you don’t need to worry about insurance coverage. The instructor’s policy will cover you and other learning drivers.

Small engines make sense

You don’t need to get something big and crazy when you first start out. When you compare the market, you will see that smaller, more conservative cars bring lower rates. Doing a car insurance comparison of this nature will show you the true value of choosing well. You should start out in a smaller car until you learn what you are doing. This will help you in your driving and it will save you money on top of that.

Another thing to perhaps think about is a mileage limit. If you are getting your own insurance policy, then limit the number of miles. You won’t be driving that much as a learning driver anyway, so this is a solid way to bring down your rates overall. Your insurance will be very high to begin with, so doing something like this to bring it down is always a solid idea.