Learner Driver Insurance

Learner Driver Insurance

Learner Driver Insurance

The early days when you are learning to drive rank as some of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. Though excitement is the first emotion, there are other things going on when you are learning to drive, as well. For instance, you will have to carry many costs. Most people will use public transportation to get around while they are learning to drive and the costs can really add up when you do that. Likewise, if you are going to learn to drive in a car that doesn’t belong to your driving instructor, then you will have to have learner driver insurance. This type of coverage can be quite costly.

Why learner driver insurance is so expensive

For people who don’t use the good resources on the internet today, learner insurance coverage can come at a high cost. Even those people who do compare car insurance comparison sites won’t get the cheap car insurance quotes. So why is this the case? It comes down to your likelihood of getting into an accident. On one hand, you might think that learning drivers are less likely to get into wrecks because they are more likely to be careful. The problem, of course, is one of experience. Without experience, you are prone to making mistakes and you are less likely to get out of a bad situation if one presents itself.

When you drive the instructor’s car

Do you need learner driver insurance when you drive your instructor’s car? If that is the only car that you are going to be driving, then you are all set on insurance. You don’t have to have your own coverage because the instructor has a policy that covers the time that you will spend in the driver’s seat. Most people don’t just want to drive the instructor’s car, though. They want to learn how to drive in their own car, since this is the one that will be taking them around once they pass the test. When that is the case, you have to figure out what kind of insurance is best.

Getting your own policy

If you are going to be driving either your own car or someone else’s car, then you will need insurance. The best idea is to go ahead and get a policy in your name. Though this will be more expensive for you, it will pay off at the end of the day. This is because you will begin building up that all-important no-claims discount. The longer you go without filing a claim, the less you pay for insurance. If you can start building that discount right away, you will reap the benefits later in life.

Keeping your policy down with a mileage limit

As a learning driver, chances are that you won’t be driving too much. You will drive a few miles here and there in an effort to get your feet wet. This means that you should be looking at a mileage limit on your policy. If you are willing to agree to a reduced number of miles, then the insurance company will respond with lower rates. In addition to doing this, a smart consumer will also drive a reasonable car. As a learner, you don’t need something with a lot of power. The more conservative your car is, the better your rates will be in the end.

The general advice about car insurance shopping should apply here, too. You need to compare the market to get the cheapest car insurance quotes. With the internet being what it is, you can use a car insurance supermarket website to get a good idea of what is out there.