Insurance Quotes

Insurance quotes

Insurance quotes

Numerous online comparison websites allow you to retrieve car insurance quotes from different companies particularly those in your local area. However, sometimes these sites may deliver a long list of results leaving the user wondering how to select the best deal.

Comparing insurance quotes

This can be a little burdensome as you will need to read the fine print of the insurance plan, but it is well worth the effort. Remember that insurance sales people make their living on meeting sales goals and they can be very good at making their insurance quotes seem very attractive.

Not that they are necessarily trying to mislead anybody, but sales people tend to highlight what is positive about their insurance quotes while hiding the more negative aspects.

What to look for when comparing insurance quotes

While many shoppers will be interested in finding the lowest price, cheap car insurance quotes might not be such a great deal when you find out what is included in the insurance plan. In order to accurately compare car insurance quotes to one another, you must understand what exactly is covered by the plans in question.

Here are the main things to look for when comparing insurance quotes:

Cover ? protection in case of specific types of events that may happen in the future. A car insurance plan generally offers to protect you against liability in case of an car accident, but you must know specifically what is covered and what is not covered so check your insurance quotes.

Excess options

In addition to the premium that you pay to become insured, many policies require that you pay what is known as excess before you are eligible to receive any claim benefits.

Exceptions ? Even if you have a specific type of cover, there may be exceptions that apply to this cover. For example, cover that protects you in case your personal property is stolen may not apply if you leave that property in an unlocked car.


Insurance quotes that look very attractive based on the amount of the premium may fall apart once you learn what is covered in the offer. Remember that car, health, travel and other types of insurance all are subdivided into specific types of cover.

Simply purchasing an international travel insurance policy does not mean that you will be covered for any possibility that can occur while you travel abroad. You will need to look for the actual types of cover offered by the insurance quotes like medical expenses or emergency evacuation expenses.

Amount of cover and excess

Each type of cover will have a specific monetary amount that is offered for your protection. When you are comparing insurance quotes, it is important to consider the amount of cover offered in addition to the price.

If the amount of cover is too low, you may end up still paying quite a lot out of your own pocket despite having insurance. So, it really pays to make sure you know exactly what you are getting in with these insurance quotes.

Additionally, you may be required to pay a specific amount as excess before your cover kicks in to pay the rest of your bill. For example, if your policy has an excess of