European Car Insurance

European Car Insurance

European Car Insurance

You might think that your car insurance policy automatically allows you to drive anywhere and everywhere. You could be wrong, though. Some car insurance companies don’t insure their drivers when they’re driving on the continent, so it makes sense to check before you sign an agreement. The problem for insurance providers is that when you are driving out in Europe, there are more risks. They can control the risks in the UK, but continent driving presents and entirely different challenge for their risk calculators. If you are in the market for European car insurance, then here is what you should know.

Adding on to your coverage

If your cheap car insurance quotes do not automatically cover trips to Europe, then there are some things that can do. You can add on to your coverage with most insurance providers, requesting what is known as European car insurance. They will give you a “green card” and this card will allow you to drive across Europe with a certain level of protection. This card is available on demand from your insurance company and you would use it in case of an accident in Europe.

Green card protection

When you consider this green card form of European car insurance, you should know that the actual protection is not all that high. It really depends upon which insurance company you work with and how your policy is worded, but this level of insurance is quite low most of the time. You will ultimately have a level of coverage that is less than comprehensive and may be less than third party coverage. If you are looking for more coverage than that, you will have to pay for it. Different insurance providers have different policies on how they handle those things, so get in touch with them directly for advice.

Getting the cheapest European coverage

If you have decided to take a trip over to the continent, then you need to get the lowest possible rates. How can you do this? The first step is to compare the market. You might have done a market comparison when you got your original car insurance quotes. That was a smart thing and it’s also smart to do a comparison for European coverage. If you want the cheapest car insurance quotes, then you need to have options from many different companies. Using a car insurance supermarket will give you an opportunity to score the best deals.

Checking the fine print

Many people make the mistake of assuming that because their base policy includes some protection, their added European policy will include it, as well. It would be quite a mistake to assume that you have breakdown protection, only to find that it does not apply when you are stuck in the middle of Germany. The key is to check the small print in your policy. Be sure to read everything and ask questions to your agent. The more vigilant you are in the process, the better off you will be in the end.

Does your policy cover the country you’re heading to?

This question might seem like an obvious one, but it’s often the question that people forget to ask when they compare car insurance. They just assume that every European nation is covered in their policy. This isn’t always the case, as some nations present a higher risk of accidents than others. Before you agree to a policy, you will want to check and see which countries are covered. Chances are that all of the large European nations are covered, but you might find that some of the smaller countries are left out. This can make or break the policy.