Check Car Insurance

Check Car Insurance

For The Cheapest Car Insurance Check

Checking out the car insurance market before you buy your new car can save you time and money as many people have been caught out before with all types of insurance hang ups, so we have decided to give you a car insurance check list.

Check .. Your cars insurance group, these can run from 1 to 20 and even 1 to 50, higher the group higher the premium.

Check .. No modifications have been made to the car – factory optional extras are norm ok.

Check.. Your mileage, 100 miles per week is 5200 per year don’t over estimate your mileage as this will increase your premium.

Check.. If your insurer will give you a discount for fitting a telematics black box, this reports lots of data back to a central computer reporting the way you drive and when.

Check.. Your insurance cover needed, some low value cars may be worth less than you think, your may only need Third Party/Theft cover.

Check.. All cover levels, its not rare to see insurers quote cheaper for comprehensive than third party fire and theft.

Now your armed your car insurance check list, check out our prices we compare over 100 car insurers and brokers to help you find cheapest car insurance.