Car Insurance Policy Types

Car Insurance Policy Types

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Car Insurance Policy Types

If you are going to be driving in the UK, then you have to have insurance. Simply put, it is a legal requirement for drivers in the UK to have some kind of insurance. The kind of insurance that you get, though, can vary dramatically. There are three car insurance policy types for you to choose from, and each offers a different level of protection. Likewise, each comes with its own distinct cost. This means that you will have to make a value judgment on which policy type is best. Here is some information on the various car insurance policy types that might suit your needs.

Third party only coverage

Often known as third party cover, this is the lowest possible insurance type that you can have while legally driving in the UK. The basic idea behind this coverage is that it will protect you against the damage suffered by third parties in a wreck that is your fault. For instance, it will cover the physical injury to a person riding in your car, the person driving the other car, and any other individual who might have suffered an injury at your hands. Third party only policies also cover the property damage to the other person in the wreck. Unfortunately it won’t offer you much protection, as third party coverage puts you on your own.

The nice thing about third party coverage is that this is the cheapest way to insure your car. Of all of the car insurance policy types, this is the one that will offer the most savings. For people who want to take a little risk while driving, this is a good choice. It will leave you in a difficult position if you get into a crash that damages your own car, though. Keep this in mind as you compare the market and look for the cheapest car insurance quotes.

Third party, fire, & theft

Known as TPFT coverage, this is a type of coverage that adds a little bit to the typical third party only coverage. In addition to covering all the things that a third party policy covers, this adds fire and theft protection for your own vehicle. If your own vehicle is damaged in a fire, then you can get a replacement via this policy. It will also pay for repairs as a result of fire damage. If your car is stolen, this policy will come to the rescue. Though it is not fully comprehensive insurance, it does offer some of the same benefits.

Fully comprehensive

This is the highest level of coverage available from the bulk of insurance providers in the UK. As you compare the market, you will probably see a bunch of these policies available. Fully comprehensive coverage is excellent because it provides you with all of the third party benefits, the theft and fire benefits, and it will pay for the damage to your car in an accident. Likewise, there are plenty of extras that typically go along with comprehensive coverage. Roadside assistance and legal protection service are two of the things that are worth including when you compare car insurance.

Though you might think that fully comprehensive is the most expensive type of insurance, this isn’t always the case. If you really compare the market in looking for a cheap car insurance quote, then you can come up with a deal that might beat TPFT coverage. It is all about how much you are willing to work for your deal. People who look hard enough and do a market comparison at a good car insurance supermarket site can often reap great rewards with this coverage.