Three Tricks to Reduce Your Business Car Insurance Premiums

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Three tricks to reduce your business car insurance premiums

It’s a tough time for entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country as profits plummet and costs skyrocket due to the economic downturn. The key to many businessmen and women’s success in this torrid time however is budgeting and saving money where you can in anticipation for when things pick up.

One such cost is business car insurance premiums and by sticking with your current provider or paying your policy little attention, you could be pouring a significant amount of your company’s profits down the drain every year. With this in mind, here are three ways to find yourself the cheapest car insurance quotes for you and your business.

1. Limit your mileage – You will usually have a rough idea of how many miles you’re going to be travelling in any given year so why not agree to a mileage limit? This will result in cheaper premiums and if you can prove you only travel less than the agreed distances you’ll save a large chunk annually.

2. Park your fleet somewhere safe – Whether you have a few business cars or a whole fleet of them, parking somewhere safe is integral to your peace of mind as well as the insurer’s. The safer the parking spot the cheaper the premiums, so consider where you leave your cars or vans to save.

3. Change your car – You may love cruising around in a high performance car but consider swapping it for a cheaper, smaller set of wheels and your premiums will drop accordingly. If you can cope with something cheaper to insure then it’s probably the best way to reduce your business car insurance costs in the long run.

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