Three Tips for Finding the Cheapest Porsche Insurance

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Three tips for finding the cheapest Porsche insurance

If you’ve just coughed up and bought yourself a shiny new Porsche you could be excused for not worrying too much about car insurance. After all, who wants to worry about boring paperwork when you have that sort of engine under your bonnet and an open road in front of you?

Car insurance is of course a legal requirement but by taking a little time over choosing the right policy you can enjoy significantly cheaper car insurance – even if you do own a Porsche. Follow these three simple rules and you’ll soon be enjoying the cheapest car insurance available for you and your new set of wheels.

Shop around

You need to do your homework before signing up to anything, so shop around for the best deal. You should obtain quotes from as many providers as possible from your high street names to those who specifically insure cars of the Porsche calibre. The easiest way to do this is use a car insurance comparison site to wade through hundreds of providers in minutes and find the cheapest premiums.

Clear out that garage

That exercise bike you never use, the paddling pool that was last seen during the summer of ‘98 and your toolbox can all find a new home because now you own a Porsche, you’re going to want it in your garage. Keeping your car in a garage significantly lowers your premiums and gives you and your insurer peace of mind.

Drive safely

It may seem obvious, but driving safely is the best way to lower your car insurance in the long run. You are now the proud owner of a monument to modern machinery and with that comes great responsibility (that’s right, just like Spiderman) so by driving safely, not only will you protect your new Porsche and keep yourself and others safe and sound, your wallet will thank you for it too as you enjoy low premiums for the rest of your life.

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