The Road to Cheap Teenage Car Insurance

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The road to cheap teenage car insurance

Your teenage years are brilliant and excruciating in equal measures. As your hormones run wild and you begin to discover the opposite sex, music your parents hate and the angst of unrequited love it’s easy to forget the other important milestone in your adolescence – learning to drive.

Getting your driver’s licence is an important rite of passage, representing freedom and the potential for getting away from your parents once in a while! Unfortunately, newly qualified drivers are also more likely to get into trouble, meaning finding cheap car insurance for teenagers is no walk in the park.

There are however a few tips and tricks that you can use to find the cheapest car insurance available – follow these and you’ll enjoy cheap(ish) premiums in no time at all.

Don’t pimp your ride

Sticking a spoiler on your Vauxhall Astra not only makes you look like a prize idiot but you’ll also pay over the odds for your insurance because your provider will think boy/girl racer. Keep your car the way the manufacturers intended and you’ll avoid any extra charges.

Take the Pass Plus

The Pass Plus qualification sees you continue your driving education in a number of different conditions and once you have it, you’ll enjoy cheaper car insurance as a result.

Consider a black box

There has been a lot in the news recently about a ‘black box’ put in young drivers’ cars to record what time of the day and distance they drive. Never drive after 23:00 and they’ll offer you lower premiums but naturally this wouldn’t work for everyone – if you aren’t going to be driving at night it’s well worth considering.

Drive safe

The best tip for lowering your car insurance in the long run? Drive safely, stay out of trouble and in a few years you’ll see your premiums drop.

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