Put off car repair costing holidaying car insurance customers

According to a latest research one out of seven drivers are avoiding any car repair so as to save on money but if you compare car insurance quotes from any provider than a well maintained vehicle gets good insurance deal instead of damaged one.

The rising motoring cost has pushed so many drivers to reduce their journeys so as to save on fuel and insurance premium. The drivers are going one step further to save on money by avoiding the needed repair work for the vehicle. The British drivers are putting off the repair jobs needed to be done to their vehicles due to cash crunch. However this way the drivers are not saving on money as around one third of the drivers who have stopped doing repair jobs ended up paying more money to keep the car running.

The people who are planning an outing in the summer vacation might see the neglected report jobs giving them an expensive and stressful break in the middle of the journey. Whether you are going for a vacation or work it is better to keep the car maintained or you might end up walking in the middle.

Around 750,000 car insurance customers are skipping annual car service of their vehicle so as to save on money which is not only risking the motorists but also the co passengers and other road users.

If you compare car insurance quotes to get reasonable deal then keep your vehicle as well as driving record maintained. The well upkeep cars not only run smoothly but also prevent any sudden breakdown.

The vehicles facing maintenance problems are tough to get insured as the insurance company firstly survey the vehicle as well as check the driving history of the motorist so it is wise to keep the car in good condition.
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