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Finding the best multi car insurance deals

Finding the best multi car insurance deals Securing a good deal on your multi car insurance policy can be notoriously difficult. The price of multi car insurance is dependent on many more factors than single car policies: not only are … Continue reading

Learner Driver Insurance: Three Tips to Save You Money

Learner driver insurance: Three tips to save you money The excitement of passing your driving test and finally being able to legally hit the open road is a teenage rite of passage and a feeling many never forget. But before … Continue reading

Car insurance quotes comparison sites: Helping you cut the cost of your premium

Car insurance quotes comparison sites: Helping you cut the cost of your premium Most people are aware of the three main options when it comes to buying or renewing car or van insurance: third party, third party fire and theft … Continue reading

Insurance Quotes: What to Watch Out For

Insurance quotes: what to watch out for So you’ve done the sensible thing and used a comparison site to compare hundreds of car insurance quotes, leaving with you the best deals around. But before you scroll straight to the top … Continue reading

Is Cheap Ferrari Insurance Easy to Find?

Is cheap Ferrari insurance easy to find? If you own a Ferrari then you’re probably not short of a bob or two, but with such an expensive car is it ever possible to find cheap car insurance? The very fact … Continue reading

European Car Insurance: What Car to Drive for the Cheapest Premiums

European car insurance: What car to drive for the cheapest premiums There are many ways to save money on your car insurance, with everything from increasing your voluntary excess to keeping your car in a garage having an impact on … Continue reading

Compare the Market and Enjoy Cheap Car Insurance

Compare the market and enjoy cheap car insurance When it comes to big purchases, everyone does it. Whether it’s a holiday, a new television or a car, you’re bound to shop around for the best deal before taking the plunge … Continue reading

Three simple steps to finding the cheapest car insurance

Finding the cheapest insurance for you and your car may sometimes feel like a chore, or a process akin to banging your head against a brick wall. Insurance providers won’t give up their quotes easily, but follow a few simple … Continue reading

Cheap Car Insurance UK: Fact or fiction?

Cheap car insurance UK: Fact or fiction? The British public has had it hard when it comes to car insurance for years now. Expensive premiums, large voluntary excesses and a lack of competition all saw Britons foot the bill, but … Continue reading

Car Insurance Supermarket Offers: Always the Best Deal?

Car insurance supermarket offers: Always the best deal? You can get everything from your local supermarket these days. The supermarket used to be merely for food and the occasional tipple but these huge companies have now expanded to provide the … Continue reading