How to Beat the Car Insurance Brokers

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How to beat the car insurance brokers

Sometimes it feels like car insurance brokers would take the shirt of your back if they could. Exorbitant premiums, hidden conditions in the small print and excuses on why they won’t accept your claim are all common occurrences, but what can you do to fight back?

There are a few ways you can ensure you get the cheapest car insurance quotes from your provider but first of all, you have to shop around. Use a car insurance comparison site to compare hundreds of quotes in a matter of minutes – this way you know you’re getting the best deal because you have an extensive choice and can weigh up all the options. Be warned though, the cheapest policy isn’t always the best level of cover so read everything twice and make sure you are happy with everything it entails, it’ll be too late when you try to make a claim!

Always make sure you update your policy if your circumstances change and never lie or bend the truth when applying for insurance or making a claim – brokers do not need an excuse to try and save some money! Get caught and not only will you potentially be charged but you’ll find it a lot harder to find an insurance company that will cover you in the future.

Once you have the cheapest car insurance policy available and have kept on top of your paperwork, the final (and best) way to beat the broker is quite simply to drive safely. If you don’t have to make a claim then you’ll significantly reduce your premiums over time and markedly improve your relationship with your insurance company. It may sound obvious, but keeping yourself and others safe on the road is a sure fire route to car insurance happiness!

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