How Named Driver Car Insurance Can Reduce Your Premiums

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How named driver car insurance can reduce your premiums

There are a number of ways to find the cheapest car insurance – increasing your excess, shopping around and choosing your car wisely are all viable options, but many people don’t realise that using a named driver policy can have the same effect.

There are two ways of using a named driver policy to save you or your family money when it comes to car insurance. There are, however, some rules you have to abide by if you don’t want to break the law.

If you have newly qualified drivers in the family, then adding them to your policy as a named driver is a good way of saving them some money. As a parent or experienced driver you are a lower risk to insurers, whereas your teenage son or daughter will pay an arm and a leg for their own policy.

As long as you are still the main driver and the named driver uses the car less than you, this is a great way of helping out the newly qualified in your family. If, however, you are ‘fronting’ and letting this person drive the majority of the time you are breaking the law and your cover becomes void.

Alternatively, you could add an experienced friend or family member as a named driver on your policy to significantly reduce your premiums. There’s nothing illegal about this and if you find yourself paying out a big chunk of your income every month, getting someone with more experience (older women will reduce your premiums the most) to join you on your policy can make a big difference.

There are many ways to secure the cheapest car insurance quotes but next time you are renewing your policy, think about whether adding a named driver may be worth your while.

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