Drivers Claiming Car Insurance on Small or Great Creatures

When insurance owners compare car insurance quotes UK online they get to know about the claims made by certain drivers due to stranger claims. Nowadays, car insurance providers are receiving strange claims from the insurance owners. According to a car insurer, he received stranger claims due to a squirrel, a camel and a naked human.

The human distractions cause accidents or damages to the vehicle resulting in claims to the insurer. In a recent claim, a camel owner was walking with the camel through a garden centre park and suddenly kicked the car. The animal damaged the car and the insurance owner asked for a claim from his provider. In another incident, a squirrel threw nut on the car windscreen, which shattered it completely and caused enough damage to the vehicle to ask for claim. There is other claim in which a naked man jumped firstly to the bonnet and then to the car roof then run away. Four female pedestrians wearing mini-skirts distracted one driver. Therefore, the drivers were distracted by varied living creatures and got their vehicle damaged.

There are drivers who get distracted by a bizarre range of objects. One of the drivers crashed on the liquid from the decomposed carrots dumped on the roadside. Even a car windscreen melted due to the crashing of a Harrier jump jet nearby. Some drivers do not need other people to distract them as a driver mixed a jerry can of petrol, shampoo bottle, and put it into the tank.

So, try to remain concentrated on the road and avoid any distraction as it might lead to any collision or vehicle damage, which will be managed by claim but might affect your premium prices in future, if you compare car insurance quotes UK.

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