Car Club Insurance- The Newest Addition to the Insurance Market

Car insurance comparison would open to you the myriad of opportunities that you have from the insurance sector. Of the other options, one which has risen in popularity is the car club insurance. If you have been thinking about this form of insurance it is better that you understand its consequences alongside the benefits for making the appropriate choice. Car club insurance certainly does have some benefits- one among them being the amount that people can save which ranges upto £100. However, one cannot negate that there are other issues that need to be taken into consideration as well for such an insurance.


When you a member of a car club insurance, you are liable to any damages that occur once you have dropped it off at the centre point. Although, you have the benefit of proper pickups and drop offs for a great many locations within the city, you should understand that someone’s else fault could very well be your headache. Furthermore, you also have the issue of excess which can very well hover about £750, even when the damage is not your fault. Besides this, the policy prices of the car club insurance vary with the city and the company that is offering it. In one among the insurance stories, a person from London was charged with £240 as the amount for excess protection.

Under such cases, the best approach is car insurance comparison. It should be understood that different companies within the insurance sector have different ways of dealing with the insurance excesses and the type of protection offered. Make sure that you shop around for the car insurance as this helps in reducing the excess to a considerable value furthermore also excluding damages such as that caused to the tyres and the windscreens. You will be able to save up on the insurance premium if you are choosing a specialist insurance company. Make sure that you make the most of insurance comparison sites to get the best deal for yourself.

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