Buy car insurance wisely

According to the latest survey, new drivers have no idea of using wiper blades of their new vehicles. When they get behind the wheels for the first time, they do not know how to really use them. According to the survey by M&S car insurance company, learning to use wiper blade comes on the fifth number on the list of the things these drivers want to get hold of when they drive their cars for the first time. Fourth on the list is locating switch for turning the car lights on and on the top of the list comes the locating the handle for opening the bonnet.

The head of the company says that drivers should be acquainted with all the features of the cars before they actually get behind the wheels so that they do not end up creating a mess. Car drivers who are familiar with the different things related to car also drive with defected parts at times. All the things lead to road accidents a lot of times. So drivers should be vigilant about the affected parts and they should get them corrected on time.

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