Business car insurance

Before selecting a policy for your car insurance you always look for free car insurance quotes that are available online easily. But when we talk about a car insurance cover for a business car, confusion takes over.

You require a business car insurance cover if you use your vehicle for taking your clients to places or for any other business purpose. Companies that make their employees use their own vehicles for business purposes should technically list those vehicles under the company’s policy. If there is no company policy, then the company should pay the amount that is the difference between business use and domestic or personal use. The driver must take note of all these points and buy an insurance cover accordingly.

General domestic use car insurance policies will only cover your vehicles for traveling to work place and back home, leisure trips, visiting friends and families and traveling to shops. But it will not cover your vehicle for business uses such as dropping a client to his hotel in your car. If your vehicle is being used for business purpose, cover it with an appropriate insurance policy. You can get you car insured for private purposes and for occasional business uses. It becomes mandatory in this case that your vehicle is not registered to be used for business purposes and it should be a vital part of your income.

An insurance for business plus private use will cover the above features with an additional feature of business use. This policy can be taken on the driver’s name or his/her spouse’s name. An insurance cover for a vehicle that is intensively used for business purpose will cover it if the driver uses it regularly for earning his income each day. For example a door-to-door salesman can insure his car under such a policy.

You should always check free car insurance quotes for vehicles of business use to make a comparison and go for the best cover for your car. Compare car insurance quotes online and see how much you can save today with The Car Insurance Megastore!