Bring down the Car insurance quotes

compare car insurance quotesA recent survey that was conducted by Motor Insurance Bureau revealed around 1.7 million drivers in UK have dodged car insurance previous year. Most of these uninsured drivers are found to be in 20’s. In the middle of recession, a lot of drivers get tempted to skip the insurance policies for their vehicles.

Do not get anxious because of sky souring car insurance premiums; use the following tips to bring down the insurance quotes for your vehicle. Look around before shopping for getting the best of insurance policy for your vehicle. Rather than getting your vehicle re-insured from the same insurer, it is smart to compare car insurance quotes from different insurers to get the best bargain. Use internet to compare car insurance quotes.

Rather than paying for your vehicle in various installments, it is better to pay in lump sum. Many insurers charge for such a privilege, make sure that you do get the vehicle ensured from such insurers. The premium amount that is charged by a particular insurance company is based on the risk assessment. By getting safety fittings fixed in your car, you can lower the risk factor involved. This will also bring down the insurance premium down.

Avoid getting your car modified as a lot of insurance dealers ask for higher premiums if your car is modified. Insurers view the modified vehicles to be more likely involved in accidents. Even if car modifications do have any influence on the performance and speed of the car then also you might have to pay high insurance premiums. In case you have modified your vehicle, the insurance company should be informed. The failure to inform them is considered as a fraud and can hinder claiming process in future. By paying higher excess fee, you can bring insurance cost down.

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