Brace Yourself for the Winter: Insurance Giant Advises to Own Breakdown Cover

As the winter weather dances along, insurance experts have asked UK drivers to compare car insurance quotes for protecting themselves against the breakdowns and thefts. The insurance major has urged the UK motorists to get prepared for the approaching winter. It has been seen that about 33% of the accidents occur during the dark months with more than 4500 accidents resulting due to the icy and snowy conditions. The winter weather stands out as a dangerous element that could bring upon sudden and unwanted hikes in the insurance policies. The leading comparison site believes that it would better for the driving population to consider additional breakdown cover for their vehicles which are available at a menial price of £30. These insurance covers take into account roadside repairs as well as recovery to the nearest garage along with the accommodation as well as travel costs.

Most of the driving motorists do not heed to the weather and probably do not acknowledge its influence unless they themselves have faced such a situation. Comprehensive breakdown insurance is an important cover for the motorists in UK however, it does not offer any excuse on terms of the regular insurance cover. Breakdown cover is capable of solving your problem with a sudden breakdown in the middle of the night and you knowing that help is already approaching you. Furthermore, the insurance giant has also asked the motorists to prepare their cars with the required hardware in order to prevent any mishaps. It would be better to make use of antifreeze, winter tyres, regular checking of the oil level, spare tyres, hazard lights, as well as jack in your car.

With the change in the weather, it is worthy to compare car insurance quotes which give you the upper hand in finding a cover that could benefit you in all ends.

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