Boy-Racer Tag Affects Men’s Intentions of Gaining Lower Insurance Costs

It seems like even the free car insurance quotes would not come to help male drivers in getting lower premium on their car insurance. Reports show that young driving males pay as much as 79% more on insurance premiums as opposed to the female counterparts. A research conducted by a leading name in insurance industry shows that the lowest insurance premium reaches to about £4,897 for 18-year-old male driver while the average for men stood at £7917. On the contrary, the insurance premium reached £4422 for 18-year-old girls, a stark contrast which cannot be ignored. However, it is seen that the insurance costs for men continues to drop as they develop a better driving experience. The average premiums then reach a 53% decrease hitting £3,711, by the time they reach 19 years.


The free car insurance quotes show a decline owing to their increased maturity and loss of recklessness in driving. When they hit the ripe age of fifty, men are known to pay lesser premiums to their women counterparts. The male drivers, both young and grown-up have been paying larger premiums owing to a number of reasons. It seems like their lack of careful approach and rash driving stands out as the top-most reasons for the larger package that they pay out. As opposed to women, men are more likely to be part of accidents and road rage. It is seen that younger males can get lower insurance premiums if they could compare enough quotes and further if they took driving lessons and drove efficient cars with smaller engines.

The male drivers often have a tag of “Boy Racer” attached to their reputation that shows them as red-alert groups to the insurance companies. However, men could easily lose their risky tags by following careful approaches when it comes to driving. Younger drivers can add their parent in their policy and likely get a better premium as well as choosing a good efficient car for their use.

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