Beware of Complicated Car Insurance Policy Terms

On compare car insurance quotes, many motorists find it unable to understand the terms of their car insurance policy. One out of five drivers thinks that the providers purposely design the car insurance policy in such a way to confuse the motorists. Around 42% of the British motorists do not know clearly about their policy and the cover they actually have.

According to a survey, around 17% of the drivers do not even bother to read their insurance policies. Around a quarter of the motorists do not understand the voluntary excess completely whereas most of the motorists prefer to reduce their premium cost by increasing voluntary excess.

The fully comprehensive insurance is wrongly perceived, as around 17% of the drivers believe that they can drive any car by having this insurance while 9% of the motorists think that anyone can drive their car after this insurance.

The  social, domestic and pleasure use cover is also perceived incorrectly as around 13% of the drivers believe it covers any journey while 4% think that it covers journeys after 6pm and at weekends. Majority of the motorists do not know that material facts give information about the driver to the provider like points on their license, which will affect the insurance premium.

The car insurance policy jargon makes some drivers struggle to compare car insurance quotes and understand about the cover they enjoy. The car insurance is quite complex as the wordings in the policy are complicated so the drivers either end up buying the policy without understanding or switch to another insurer with clearer terms.

4Around 35% of the motorists prefer to go with the insurer that explains the jargon used in it. The motorists can understand the insurance terms clearly by the help of jargon busters and get the best value insurance according to their needs.

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