Bentley Insurance: Three Ways to Save

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Bentley insurance: Three ways to save

There are many words you’d associate with Bentley. Class, elegance, design, speed, grace are all superlatives often seen in the same sentence as the luxury car brand, but what about ‘insurance’?

Insurance is a word that most of us wince at, as it often conjures images of empty wallets, the sound of on-hold music and the smell of death (maybe not that one but you get the gist). But unfortunately insurance is a legal requirement and in fact, when it comes to owning a car as beautiful and expensive as a Bentley, probably a good idea.

So with that in mind you lucky Bentley owners, here are a few tips to save you some money next time you have to use the ‘i’ word.

Shop around

You must have used a comparison site by now, either to compare flight prices or electrical goods, but why not use it to find some insurance? You can compare hundreds of providers at the click of a mouse and make a decision quickly on whether you go for a specialist insurance company used to covering cars of the Bentley’s calibre or stick to the household names of the insurance world.

Use your garage

That’s right, spring is here and there was never a better time to clear out your garage and start using it for what it was meant for – parking your car. It’ll give you and your insurer peace of mind, so for the cheapest car insurance get rid of that rowing machine collecting dust and use your garage!

Increase your excess

Many baulk at the idea but there really is no better way to reduce your premiums and find the cheapest car insurance quotes – after all, if you own a Bentley you’re probably not short of a bob or two and driving safely should be a prerequisite when you’re behind the wheel of such a magnificent example of British engineering.

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