Beat Car insurance hikes due to no win no fee solicitors

There is distressing news for the drivers who are trying people trying to survive current economic slowdown. As per the new research, drivers could be witnessing around 15% of car insurance premiums and no win no fee claims and ambulance chasing are to be held responsible to much an extent. Along with previous year’s rise of around 20%, drivers who abide the law have to pay 35% more on their car insurance premiums as compare to what they used to pay before the financial crunch.

According to finding that are reported by consumer intelligence stated 1.6 million drivers are believed to be getting behind the wheels without a car insurance policy which is leading to around £30 extra on every policy. The estimated rise in the car insurance premiums in the year 2011 is expected to reach £648.82. The worst blow in the last year was given to the young drivers up to 24 years of age. These drivers had to pay around £1,489 extra in quarter. Car insurance comparison sites have become one of the efficient and easiest ways to check and compare car insurance quotes without investing much time.

If you really want to beat the hike created by the no win no fee claims, look into car insurance comparison site. Comparison shopping is an effective way to beat the car insurance hikes. The best part is comparison shopping is as easy as breeze with so many comparison sites available online. All you have to do is log on one such site and get the quotes immediately after submitting some personal information. All the information is available at your fingertips with so many comparison sites coming to the being. Whether you want to buy a new car or sports  insurance policy or renew the existing one, log on to a car insurance comparison site and get the best of results.

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