Be Insured Before Parking Your Car

The UK driver’s not helpful attitude after hitting a parked car might take you to car insurance supermarket to buy a suitable car insurance policy. According to a survey, one in five drivers does not leave his name, contact details or car insurance specifications after hitting any parked car. Even if the damage is visible but still the drivers do not bother of scratches or dent, they  made on other car.

The most worried drivers will be the car owners of super minis and hot hatches as when the drivers were asked to categorise the car, they least likely to leave the details and hot hatches as well as super minis top the list. It is better to take a worthy car insurance policy from car insurance supermarket to get the needed help in emergency.

Next to these two are transit vans, executive cars, taxis and cars, which are given less preference by the drivers to leave the details after hitting them in parking. The most favoured vehicles for admitting the bumping include disability vehicle while police car seems compulsive to be left with insurance details if anybody hits it.

While surveying, 59% of the people say that they would like to leave their details if hit any parked car while around 20% were more keen on leaving their insurance details even if the damage is not visible after hitting. Two-third of the drivers do not bother to leave their details after hitting any parked car.

When the drivers were on the other side and got their car hit by somebody then half of them accepted it as anonymous damage. Just 1% of the drivers were keen on finding the culprit and desire to take the revenge.

In this aspect, female drivers are ahead of male drivers and more keen on leaving their insurance details after hitting than men. It is advisable to leave your insurance details after hitting a car in parking no matter if the damage is minor, as you can also be on the other side some day.

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