Be a responsible driver and lower down your car insurance quotes

Car insurance quotes can be brought down by driving safely now. Driving litigation in UK has enhanced manifolds and motoring offences are being cracked every now and then. Latest research shows that this type of litigation is making sure that drivers are not able to break the laws while driving. Daily Telegraph disclosed its investigation that record number of driving offences that have come up to 15 million in a year. These convictions have grown from 4.7 million to the present number in a span of thirty years.

Number of technological advancements and motoring laws has improved number of driving convictions that are made by drivers every year. The effect of all this on the drivers is knock-on impact on their car insurance quotes. Around 1.1 million drivers in UK have been punished due to the fact that they failed to notify DVLA that cars were off the road and ignoring the motoring laws do not really work. More use of CCTV solutions has decreased the driving offences.

Head of transport department at AA insurance admits existing range of laws a reason for keeping drivers in form. All you have to do is blink for being guilty of something these days. You can be charged for taxing the vehicle late and also for skipping the registration that your vehicle is off road at the time or is in garage or is broken.

The worst thing is drivers with charges are not considered highly by the car insurance companies. At the time of availing car insurance quotes, they are charged higher due to their bad image. They are viewed as high risk drivers. So if you are looking for best deals on your car insurance, make sure that you abide with the motoring laws and maintain a clean driving record. Do not be an irresponsible driver as it can add on to cost of your car insurance now.

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