Avoid use of social networking sites while driving to get better insurance deals

Looking into car insurance supermarket can help you in getting the best insurance deals for your cars only to those who drive safe and responsibly. Drivers in UK have been warned not use social networking sites while driving after the number of accidents due to the same has increased leaps and bounds. Swinton Car Insurance Company, UK has disclosed 12% increase in claims every year, due to use of various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others while drivers are behind the wheels. Most of accidents are caused due to the use of these social networking websites in the slow moving traffic but still it is a cause of worry due to increasing claims.

Car Insurance Company has been warning the drivers of these distractions that can lead to accidents, costly claims, and potential convictions for driving without care and attention. The company offers advice on how the drivers should turn their phones off while driving so that they can avoid any accidents.

Insurer Development Manager at the company states that as the technology is advancing, the company is witnessing increasing number of drivers making use of the smart phones and all other devices while driving which is leading to many road accidents. Even in the midst of slow traffic, reading or writing a message is source of major distraction. It is always better to keep the phones turned off to enjoy safe driving.

If you really want to enjoy low car insurance premiums then need to drive responsibly. In addition, not using social networking sites is one of the ways to avoid distractions while driving. You can also check out car insurance supermarket to find the deals that are great for vehicle and your pocket too. Be smart and drive safe if you really want to avoid paying extra at the time of covering your vehicle.

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