African Driver Gets Expensive Car Insurance Quotes

The black people get high car insurance premium quotes as compared to their white and Asian counterparts from different providers in car insurance supermarket.

The insurance companies do not do it intentionally but the factors that contribute towards the insurance premium cost do not favour the African drivers. The credit score of the driver, neighbourhood safety, marital as well as employment status largely influence the insurance costs of the car.

The African people have low credit scores so the insurance companies are reluctant to offer discounted deals to African drivers. The low bank account and high debit make the African drivers risky customers for the providers who have higher chances of skipping premium instalment in future.

The African people live in dangerous neighbourhood as compared to white and Asian drivers so the chances of car theft and damage are more. The likelihood of any car theft makes it difficult for the African drivers to get low insurance quotes from car insurance supermarket. The people of other races are protective about their car and live in safe neighbourhood so they get affordable insurance deals.

The unemployment rate is higher in African community so the driver might not be able to pay the premium instalment regularly. The susceptible financial status of African drivers due to irregular job results in expensive insurance quotes for their community. The marital status of the African people also affects the insurance quotes having high divorce rate. The extra burden of alimony makes it impossible for the African people to continue their insurance premium instalments regularly.

The African drivers are not punished with expensive insurance quotes due to their race but it is their background and financial status that hampers their insurance quotes. The car owners can still get cheap insurance deal by keeping clean driving record as well as buying low insurance zone car model.

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