Accident Claim Lawyer Causing Rise in the Insurance Cost

The accident claim lawyers are pushing the car insurance premium higher by more claims so compare car insurance quotes online to get a perfect deal. The lawyers are publicising really well with no-win no-fee strategy so that they good number of clientele. However, this has resulted in steep rise in the car insurance premiums, which is making it difficult for the car owners to maintain any car insurance policy. In case the claims are going to increase then the car insurance premium will also keep on increasing as well.

In past one year, the motor insurance premium has risen up by 40 per cent. Even the Transport Select Committee has commented that the rise in insurance cost will keep on going this way and the worse affected will be the young drivers as they will bear around 51 per cent of increase. So, check online and compare car insurance quotes online to get good insurance policy for your vehicle.

Other than accident claim, the victims are now claiming other types of claims, and bodily injury claims are major claimed at a rate of 30%. The blame for the inflation in the insurance cost lie on the claims management firms that seek damages for personal injury in even minor accidents. Such firms make the minor injuries for whiplash so such injuries are hard to be disapproved by the insurance companies and you get good claim amount.

The aggressive marketing of such firms is also resulting in more claims as they create this view that whether you are involved in the accident or not you still can collect good money from the insurance company. Therefore, if you want to get the help in even minor cases from the insurance companies then the companies will surely make a rise in the insurance premium.

Not only the accident lawyers but also the companies who offer loan cars while a driver’s own vehicle is off the road are also encouraging the rise in insurance cover. When you are getting a good car other than the one you already own then anybody can become greedy and go for the personal injury claim to collect money.

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