AA Reveals Gender Bias In Motoring Offences

If you are committing motoring offences, compare car insurance quotes, and know their impact on premium charges. There is a gender bias in motoring offences also as more of male drivers are found guilty as compared to female drivers.

The male drivers are offering 20% more mileage as compared to female drivers so considered economical drivers but still many of them are indulged in motoring crime. The female drivers are less convicted in motoring offences as compared to their male counterpart.

A decade ago, only 14% of UK motorists were convicted for once whereas now the percentage has risen to 18%; and 4% of the drivers are now indulged in two or more convictions.

Most of the motorists are involved in speeding motoring offence as around 85% of the drivers are convicted due to this offence. Around 9% of the driver’s jump traffic lights, 1.5% are caught without insurance, 2% due to driving while drinking and 1.3% are held due to using mobile phone while driving. Male drivers as compared with the female motorists twice do the drinking offence.

Around 25% of the male drivers aged between 25 and 34 are convicted at least once for motoring offence whereas men in 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 age brackets indulge in two or more convictions. Among women, the female drivers aged between 35 and 44 are mostly indulged in any motoring offence.

In North Ireland, just 6% women and 9% men motorists are convicted for motoring crime whereas in the Midlands tops 31.5% of men and 16.6% of women are involved in motoring offence. The insurers notice your motoring offence irrespective of age or sex so you might have to pay hiked premium if your license is not clean. The drivers indulged in multiple offences make more claims; that is why if we compare car insurance quotes their premium charges come very high.

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