AA reacts to car insurance survey

Age of a person has an important role to play while taking a car insurance policy. People who have recently learnt driving and have started driving recently are at more risk of coming across accidents and they make more claims as well. This fact has come forth after a research. People who have cars do not pay heed to their age and recklessly drive. They can drive in a ridiculous manner without concerning their age.

The comments from the officials of car insurance company AA have come after a research was conducted regarding car insurance. The research shows that drivers under the age of 25 years have been seen driving in the most dangerous manner. This news has come as a shock and this is one of the reasons why car insurance policies are expensive for the youngsters. One in three people being surveyed told that they have been driving recklessly on the roads.

Car insurance premiums are higher for youngsters as they are more involved in car accidents. The car insurance company officials believe that if the minimum driving age is raised from 17 to a bit higher the car accident rates will come down. It is confusion between the facts that whether the car accidents are more due to the drivers being young or due to the fact that there is peer pressure on the youngsters. The peer pressure is one of the factors that contribute to reckless driving car accidents. If you want your child to drive the car and not give in to the peer pressure, make sure you compare car insurance quotes and do not let him drive a car without insurance policy.

Make sure your child does not give in to the peer pressure. They may face problems just because they wish to impress their friends. Teach your child the ways to drive safely.

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