A Poor Driving History? Let Time Take Care of Your Insurance Premiums

Steering clear of the car insurance supermarket could be a bit difficult if you have a poor driving history. The cost of your insurance varies with the accidents you have been involved in, the traffic tickets accusing your speed violations and wild behaviours on the roads. But as car insurance is a legal requisite, you need to get your vehicle insured irrespective of the hindrances your driving record causes. Your car insurance company looks into various aspects while aligning your insurance premium rates or renewing your insurance policy.


One of the major facets the motor insurance company looks into is the traffic ticket against you. Traffic tickets leading from heedless driving, accidents or driving under the influence of intoxicant. A speeding ticket is considered one of the biggest hindrances by the companies in the car insurance supermarket. However, not all traffic tickets are problematic. For instance, a parking ticket might not affect your chances of good insurance premiums. Well, not only the type of driving influences your premium ratings but the type of vehicle you drive. If you have a passion for sports cars and like to race it down the roads, you might face troubles finding a favourable insurance rating because of the chances of the car being a potential and expensive damage. Such cars are of high-risk if you are eyeing for a lower insurance premium.

Age can be a crucial factor. Lack of driving history can result in turning the tables against you. If you are a young driver even without any speculative driving history, your lack of experience can prove expensive. The one good solution to clean your driving record is to let time do its job. Even if you are an inexperienced driver or you have been rated as a high-risk driver, all you have to do is to let time pass. Soon after you are involved in an accident, your insurance premium in the market goes up. A dedication of following the traffic rules, driving within the speed limit and keeping yourself safe from any accidents, over a period of a standard three years could let the premium rating swing to your side. In some cases, depending upon the severity of the driving history, it might take about five years before things get back to normal.

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