A Guide to Temporary Car Insurance

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A guide to temporary car insurance

Most car insurance policies last a minimum of 12 months but there are some scenarios when temporary cover is needed.

If a friend or family member needs to drive your car it’s easy to just add them onto your policy as a named driver, but there are some negatives to doing this. If they get into a scrape while driving your car, you could lose your no-claims discount through no fault of your own. Alternatively, a cheap car insurance policy on a short-term basis would let them drive your car temporarily without jeopardising your driving history.

Temporary car insurance is perfect when you have friends or family coming to stay, especially when they are visiting from another country and want to avoid steep hire car prices. Similarly, if you need to borrow a car from someone, this type of insurance is the best option, as you do not want to be held responsible for any claims or accidents that may be the fault of others. Many people use temporary car insurance when buying a new car – if you haven’t managed to find full cover yet you can take out a short-term policy to drive your new set of wheels off the forecourt and onto your driveway.

Whatever your insurance needs, short or long term, the best thing to do is shop around for the best deal. Use a comparison site to compare hundreds of providers in a matter of minutes and once you’re presented with numerous cheap quotes, just take your pick – it really is that easy! Temporary insurance is great for some situations but once you’re settled there is no substitute for a full level of car insurance cover.

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