A Fender Bender Can Lead to Increased Rates of Car Insurance Premium

Get car insurance quotes online to understand why and how your car insurance company can increase the rates even without it being your fault. Most often car owners experience the hard part of car insurance when their insurance companies raise the rates leading to frustrated and angry customers.

A fender bender can lead most car insurance companies to increase the rates of the premium even if the insured is not at fault for the minor collision. If your car insurance company has increased the rates, the first thing to do is call up your insurance agent. If you have a decent record of driving, made timely payment of premiums and if you have the insurance of your home and other things with this one company then your agent is most likely to bat for your sufferings. In general, you need to be a good customer for the company to get the once in a lifetime of opportunity to avoid any rise in the premiums.

At whatever point of time, you make a claim, your insurance company is more likely to raise your premium rates or drop you completely. One thing to counteract this situation is to keep some amount aside for emergency. If you are involved in a fender bender, try to sort out the repairing with the saved up amount without involving your auto insurance.

Another common mistake that car owners usually make is by keeping the deductible amount low. Raising the deductible could help you save on your premium payments. As an average motorist makes about six claims, it is necessary to increase the deductible to relieve the insurer of responsibility to pay the initial loss up to a stated amount. This also helps the car owners to avoid claims for minimal damage or amount in the future. Get car insurance quotes online to avoid any unexpected rise in the premiums.

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