A beginner’s guide to multi car insurance

Cheapest Car InsuranceA beginner’s guide to multi car insurance

If you, your spouse and your teenage children all drive, or you have more than one car for the family, then your insurance bill is likely to be pretty hefty.

But to find the cheapest car insurance for everyone, did you ever consider using a multi car policy? All you need is a minimum of two cars (maximum five) registered under the same address and you can soon begin to reap the financial rewards!

Think of multi car insurance policies like the deals you see in the supermarket where if you by more of something, you receive a discount. Rather than spending a fortune insuring your spouse and grown up kids’ cars (as well as your own), why not group them together to be offered the cheapest car insurance quotes?

Always use a comparison site to shop around and explore your options, as a multi car policy isn’t always the cheapest option. It all depends on the type of cars you are trying to insure and who will be driving them. For example, a newly-qualified driver will increase your costs but putting them on your multi car policy will more than likely be cheaper than them going it alone.

Find out the cost of insuring each vehicle separately using a site that compares hundreds of providers in seconds and then do the same but on a multi car policy. This way you’ll be sure of securing the best deal for you and your family, whether that’s on one policy or separately. After all, save some cash on your insurance and who knows what you’ll be able to treat yourself (or the family) to.

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