81% Men Convicted Uninsured- Leading to Hike in Insurance Premium

If we compare car insurance quotes, 81% of the uninsured drivers are men among which around 42% of the uninsured drivers are under the age of 26. The vicious circle of the insurance costs encourages young drivers for uninsured driving.

According to the price index study, the drivers aged between 17 and 20 years of age have seen an increase in premium by £616 within a year. Now the average premium of the drivers on UK road has risen to £2,080. This has forced the young drivers to drive on road without any insurance and encouraged uninsured driving in the region.

The increase in uninsured driving has pushed the insurance premium to 37% hike last year. The honest motorists have to pay around £30 extra in their policy to cover the cost of uninsured drivers in the region. According to the region, more of the uninsured drivers were found in Bradford. The people in the area are bearing an increase of up to 598% in the cost of the car insurance premium, which is pushing them for uninsured driving practice.

According to the research, the other worried regions of UK for uninsured driving are West Gorton, in second place following the Birmingham suburbs of Small Heath, Hands worth and Sally. The uninsured drivers are becoming a headache for the insurance industry as they are costing around £500 million a year. However, this is acting against the law-abiding motorists, as they have to bear high premium for car insurance premium. The drivers not insured are escaped but the insurance owners have to bear the extra cost of uninsured drivers in their premium.

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