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How to Beat the Car Insurance Brokers

How to beat the car insurance brokers Sometimes it feels like car insurance brokers would take the shirt of your back if they could. Exorbitant premiums, hidden conditions in the small print and excuses on why they won’t accept your … Continue reading

Three Tricks to Reduce Your Business Car Insurance Premiums

Three tricks to reduce your business car insurance premiums It’s a tough time for entrepreneurs and small businesses across the country as profits plummet and costs skyrocket due to the economic downturn. The key to many businessmen and women’s success … Continue reading

Bentley Insurance: Three Ways to Save

Bentley insurance: Three ways to save There are many words you’d associate with Bentley. Class, elegance, design, speed, grace are all superlatives often seen in the same sentence as the luxury car brand, but what about ‘insurance’? Insurance is a … Continue reading

How to Check Car Insurance and Save Money

How to check car insurance and save money It’s easy to forget about your car insurance. Either monthly, or annually, a big chunk of your hard-earned cash wings its way to your insurance provider never to be seen again while … Continue reading

A Guide to Temporary Car Insurance

A guide to temporary car insurance Most car insurance policies last a minimum of 12 months but there are some scenarios when temporary cover is needed. If a friend or family member needs to drive your car it’s easy to … Continue reading

The Road to Cheap Teenage Car Insurance

The road to cheap teenage car insurance Your teenage years are brilliant and excruciating in equal measures. As your hormones run wild and you begin to discover the opposite sex, music your parents hate and the angst of unrequited love … Continue reading

Specialist Insurance: The Path to Cheaper Quotes?

Specialist insurance: the path to cheaper quotes? We all recognise the big names in car insurance and many of us will look towards them for cheap car insurance quotes and policies to fit our needs. But what about specialist insurance … Continue reading

Three Tips for Finding the Cheapest Porsche Insurance

Three tips for finding the cheapest Porsche insurance If you’ve just coughed up and bought yourself a shiny new Porsche you could be excused for not worrying too much about car insurance. After all, who wants to worry about boring … Continue reading

How Named Driver Car Insurance Can Reduce Your Premiums

How named driver car insurance can reduce your premiums There are a number of ways to find the cheapest car insurance – increasing your excess, shopping around and choosing your car wisely are all viable options, but many people don’t … Continue reading

A beginner’s guide to multi car insurance

A beginner’s guide to multi car insurance If you, your spouse and your teenage children all drive, or you have more than one car for the family, then your insurance bill is likely to be pretty hefty. But to find … Continue reading