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Graduate Car Insurance Discounts

Cheap Car Insurance For Graduates Graduating is a big deal and it should be celebrated. If you have graduated from a university, then you deserve some time to sit and rest. Life calls, though, and responsibilities are right around the … Continue reading

Family Car Insurance

The family car is your pride and it’s your joy. It gets you around safely and you can trust your family car to do pretty much anything. For the car that does so much, shouldn’t you make insurance a priority. … Continue reading

Cooperative Car Insurance

Finding the most cooperative car insurance companies Searching around for car insurance can be a challenge. Not only do you have to determine whether what company you want to go with, but you have to make an all-important determination right … Continue reading

Hiding license points might invalidate insurance policy

The drivers who resist reporting the driving license points to their insurer might need to compare car insurance quotes as their insurance policy might get invalidated soon. Due to hike in insurance premium some car owners try to hide the … Continue reading

Rise in excess reduces insurance premium

With rising excess level on insurance policy now the need to search wise insurance policy at car insurance supermarket increases. Now claiming insurance policy might be more expensive than perceived, as each time you make a claim your policyholder will … Continue reading

Unprecedented Changes in the Insurance Sector in the Coming Months

When you compare car insurance quotes, you will see that the car insurance prices are on the rise as drivers opt for fresh fraudulent cases. The latest figures from a leading motoring organisation reveal that the price of insurance policy … Continue reading

Car insurance premiums temporarily dipped

A leading UK insurance firm that compare car insurance quotes has observed that the average quoted premiums for car insurance have fallen by 3.2% in the first quarter of 2010. This sudden dip is not being expected to continue for … Continue reading

Rising petrol prices may raise car insurance premiums

Booming petrol prices have triggered a new battle in the UK economy. As per the latest records by Office for National Statistics (ONS), annual inflation has reached the limit of 3.4 %. Due to rise in the petrol prices, there … Continue reading

Special old age discounts on Car Insurance

Can you get car insurance quotes at an unchangeable rate? This question is specifically related to old drivers. Usually, insurance premiums increase with the age of the drivers, as they become more prone to accidents with time. A survey by … Continue reading

Rise in car insurance due to Written-off car deals

In the present times, the need to consult car insurance companies has risen rapidly. More of written-off cars are seen back on roads because drivers are keen in cheaper driving. DVLA recorded around 105000 written-off cars on the road last … Continue reading